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The dependence of your life on your car can not be neglected and being out on the road means being imposed to damage whether it is from heat and humidity or collisions. Platinum Collision is an auto body repair shop at your service no matter where you need help. At times when your automobile starts to malfunction on the road, our towing services will help you move out towards our repair center. At other times when you have been through a collision and need your dents, frame, or windshield repair, you can trust us with all of that as well and your car will be back o looking brand new!

We offer auto body repair in Calgary no matter what damage the vehicle has been through. One of the most requested services everywhere is paintless dent repair. Concerns regarding damage to the company paint job are valid because of the costs and monetary loss it imposes. Color matching becomes a huge problem as well in this scenario. We keep all of these things in mind and ensure complete dent repair without scratching off the paint.

Any auto body repair shop is deemed exemplary if they offer full collision repair at a remarkable cost. Platinum Collision takes pride in being one of a kind in terms of providing quality services at suitable prices. No matter the extent of damage, our skilled technicians will repair your vehicle in such a way that no mark of damage is left behind, making it look as good as new. Technology or technique, our experts are skilled in all fields.

In case your car needs some maintenance and service, we offer standard procedures such as wheel alignment as well. All your angles are adjusted according to the manufacturer’s specifications so that your automobile can run smoothly.  If there has been damage to your windshield due to hail storms or more commonly collisions, you can trust us to fix the cracks before they become large and the whole thing falls apart. We can also replace parts that are beyond repair with the help of our certified technicians. In case you need your car to be towed to the repair center, we collaborate with towing services to make matters easy for our customers. Our customer care is exceptional which is evident from the satisfactory feedback left by the customers.

Whether it is the United States or places in Canada, our services can be availed easily. The time and costs are mapped out for the customer after the damage has been assessed. Auto body repair in Calgary is best provided by us anywhere, anytime. If you need your car to be ready again within a particular time, you can make a request and we will tend to it as much as we can compensate. We believe in top-notch quality that is friendly towards your pocket as well as uncompromising towards the car, its make, and model, and the company recommended parts and manufacture.