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We at Platinum Collision make sure you can avail our service for paintless dent repair in Calgary as soon as you face a problem on the road. In case of collisions, we have full collision repair service to give results that make it look like the damage was never there, to begin with. You don’t have to sweat about frame repair since we cover all aspects of damage repair, including the frame and the windshield of the car. In case you have doubts about your vehicle being unbalanced, our services also include wheel alignment and corrections and fittings are made by skilled professionals, making sure all your worries are taken away for a long time!


Can you imagine life without your car? Whether you have to get somewhere 2 blocks away or 20 miles, you are going to take your automobile to save time and energy. The more you use them, the more danger they’re exposed to; both environmental and damage due to collisions. If you are worried about dents and pits on your vehicle, platinum collision is there to save the day with our services for paintless dent repair in Calgary. No more worrying about pricey paint jobs or pits ruining the image of your car!Towing services are also available in case you need your car to be moved from the sight of collision to the repair center. Give us a call and you will receive a towing truck; inform them that you want your car to be taken to our repair center and the rest of your problems are now ours to fix!


Dents and dings caused by collisions or even as a result of hail damage require precision and accuracy to be fixed without damaging the original paint on the body. We have experienced technicians who are certified for paintless dent repair in Calgary and can return your automobile to its brand-new condition without worrying you about the cost.  The most costly part of auto body repairs is fixing the paint which is often damaged in the process of the repair itself. Paintless dent repair Calgary makes it possible to repair the dents without charging the customer for paint repair. Access is gained to the dent from the inside and then slow pressure is applied to push the dent back outwards. The process requires extreme care and expertise due to which we have licensed technicians for the job.


Once your automobile is at our workshop, paintless dent repair in Calgary is done effortlessly. The damage is inspected and panels are removed if needed so that our technician has access to the dent from the opposite side which needs to be pushed outwards with slow and steady pressure. You can find extra parts for all types of makes and models with us as well to facilitate the repair process. We assure that our services won’t be heavy on your wallet either, without compromise on quality.